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We have several committees that oversee various aspects of the chamber's agenda and are always looking for energetic individuals to keep them moving forward.

Fall Fest Committee

Frankfort Fall Fest, consistently rated in the top 10 craft fairs nationwide, is run almost entirely by volunteers. Our Chair and Co-Chair and 20+ operation chairs – these are the people that really make things happen. We thank them from the bottoms of our hearts!

Frankfort Community Showcase Committee

The old-time business expo has grown and evolved into a Community Showcase thanks primarily to our volunteers. Their vision has brought this member benefit to the new level.

Events Committee

Our events committee has the pleasure of overseeing the many events we host including Pub! Grub! & Network!, Chili Cook Off, Midnight Madness, FAWN and others as they pop up! Their creative vision helps to grow our events and make them enjoyable for all.

Golf Committee

Who doesn’t like a day on the golf course? Our golf committee works diligently to make certain that day is both enjoyable and productive for our members. From developing sponsorship opportunities to the shotgun start to dinner in the evening, they have everything covered.

Meet, Greet & Network Committee

Meet, Greet & Network, one of our most popular and productive events, is run by this committee. They have worked tirelessly to continuously improve this event from year to year. The venue has changed several times to accommodate this growth. The committee also develops guidelines for our presenters to make certain that what they are bring to the group is of value and not just a commercial. Finally, they have worked to educate attendees on the importance of a 30 second elevator speech, so that everyone gets a chance to speak and we all still get out on time. Our tip our hats to the Meet, Greet, & Network Committee!

Concerts on the Green Committee

Who doesn't enjoy our Sunday Concerts here in Frankfort? These are ALL coordinate by this very dedicated committee. They select talent, they solicit donations, they send thank you notes, and pass out flyers…the list never ends. They do all of this for our community so that we can enjoy music on Sunday evenings at Breidert Green for FREE. Thanks Concert Committee for keeping the music alive

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