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Member Referral Program

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Did you know that over 80% of small businesses reported that referrals are their primary source of new business? You too can tap into this powerful resource and grow your network by signing up for the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce Member Referral Program. Don't miss out on this opportunity to unlock the full potential of referrals. Start the program today and watch your business grow!

Here's How the Program Works:

Do you know any businesses that could benefit from joining the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce? If yes, we have great news for you! Refer a new member to us, and you'll receive a $50 Find It in Frankfort Gift card that you can use at any of our participating Chamber member businesses OR $50 in "Chamber Bucks" that can be used towards dues, sponsorships, event fees, etc.

Participating in our program is simple - just fill out the referral form by clicking the button below and we will handle the rest! Our team will contact the business you referred and inform them about the benefits of being a member of the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce. Once the business becomes a member, you'll receive your Find It in Frankfort gift card.

By referring new members to us, you'll not only help us grow our community, but you'll also provide more opportunities for businesses to connect and thrive. Join us today and start making a positive impact in our community!

Terms & Conditions:

1. Eligibility: The Member Referral Program is open to all current members of our Chamber of Commerce.

2. Referral Process: To participate in the program, a member must refer a new member to our Chamber of Commerce. The new member must join and pay their membership dues in full within 90 days of receiving the referral.

3. Rewards: For every new member referred, the referring member will receive a $50 Find It in Frankfort gift card that can be used at any participating Chamber member business. There is no limit to the number of referrals a member can make.

4. Notification: The referring member must notify our Chamber of Commerce of the referral before the new member applies for membership. The new member must also indicate the name of the referring member on their membership application.

5. Verification: The Frankfort Chamber of Commerce will verify each referral to ensure that it meets the eligibility requirements.

6. Termination: The Frankfort Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to terminate the Member Referral Program at any time without notice and without liability.

7. Modification: The Frankfort Chamber of Commerce may modify these terms and conditions at any time without notice and without liability.

By participating in the Member Referral Program, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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