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Who We Are

Since 1958 the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce has been the number one resource to help facilitate business in the Frankfort, Illinois area. We keep our mission at the forefront of all our efforts, to cultivate and connect our business community. This mission is backed by our vision to foster meaningful partnerships that allows our businesses not just to grow, but to thrive.

Our solutions help connect you with resources, services and opportunities to reach your audience in more meaningful and impactful ways. Through the use of popular events, partnerships, member perks, education and training, we help elevate the marketing and communications process between you and our community.

At over 500 members and still growing, we understand that each business has goals that are unique. We know you have many options when it comes to choosing how and where you allocate your resources. The Frankfort Chamber of Commerce provides the necessary tools to assist with managing two of those most precious assets, time and money, so you can achieve a maximum return on your investment.

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