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Frankfort Fall Festival Volunteer Opportunities

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering during Labor Day weekend at the Frankfort Fall Festival offers a unique chance to be an integral part of a cherished tradition. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor eager to experience the spirit of our community, volunteering allows you to connect with others, build lasting relationships, and create unforgettable memories. Your contributions make a tangible difference in shaping the festival experience for everyone involved. Sign up today and let's make this weekend one to remember!

Bluebees (ages 13-17)


General Fest Help

Bluebees help in a various areas, delivering water to our Artisans or booth sitting when they need a quick break.  They also assist bands with set-up on the Breidert Green and other areas of the fest.

Pre & Post Fest

Help set up and take down signs and fencing before and at the conclusion of Fall Fest. Also help set up and dismantle hay bales and boards used to create seating at Breidert Green Entertainment area.

Adult Departments



As a Fall Fest Ambassador, you'll be the go-to person for connecting with Artisans and helping festival visitors. You'll be in touch with Artisans throughout your shift, assisting them with any questions they may have. You'll also be the friendly face visitors turn to for information. Don't worry, you'll receive training and shadow a seasoned volunteer before you start. Plus, you'll have a 2-way radio for any tricky questions.


Artisan Committee

During the Festival, our team makes sure to visit every booth to verify that Artisans are selling only what they were approved to sell and to ensure that no mass-produced items are being sold. It's important to have a good understanding of the Artisans' work and a keen eye for spotting anything that might not be handmade.


Block Captains

As Block Captain, you are the primary point of contact and info for your Artisans. You will guide the Artisans on their block from arrival and setup to tear down on Monday. Block Captains play a vital role in ensuring each Artisan gets their materials unloaded and set up without creating problems for others. You must stay in touch with Artisans throughout the weekend but are not expected to be at the Fest all day, every day. On Monday, you will help guide the Artisans through checkout, packing, and leaving. Block Captains have to be on their blocks during setup and tear down. Some blocks setup on Fri. afternoon (about 3:00 pm) and Sat. morning (about 4:00 am). Other blocks start setting up on Sat. morning (at 4:00 am). All blocks start tearing down on Mon. afternoon at 4:00 pm. Being a Block Captain is a lot of work, and they have a lot of fun! In addition to setup and tear down, you should be on your block for at least an hour at the beginning of each day (8:30-9:30), be at the afternoon meeting (around 3:30), and on your block from after the meeting until about 5:30 on Saturday and Sunday.

Rick Abbott

Breidert Green

Assist our bands performing on the Breidert Green entertainment stage with loading and unloading equipment.



During Fall Fest weekend, the Chamber office turns into Chamber Base (literally a command center). Phone calls come in from outside wanting details about the Fest, and two-way radios with our volunteers are monitored at all times. We also provide a text message service for Artisans to help them communicate their needs to us. Yes, it is just as crazy as it sounds! So, if you can keep your cool, even amongst craziness, and know tons about Fall Fest or are willing to learn, then THIS is the place for you!



The Gate Keepers' responsibilities are split into three categories: Artisan Setup, monitoring opening & closing of Fest, and Tear Down. Gate Keepers stage the Artisans at each gate for entry into the Fest and work with the Block Captains to coordinate Artisan entrance for setup. Artisan setup is split into two phases. The first phase occurs Friday afternoon/evening, from 4-8 pm, with about half of the Artisans being let in. The second phase takes place Saturday morning, from 4-9 am, when the second half of the Artisans are let in. This is an excellent experience for Fall Fest volunteers as you see the Fest come to life.

Jen & Friend


Help us provide an organized space where our hard-working volunteers can come and relax, cool off, grab a snack, recharge, and refresh!


Information Booth

The Information Booth is located at the intersection of Kansas and Oak Streets. This is the place where attendees come for ALL of the answers! Where is the Food Court? Where are the bathrooms? I saw an Artisan here last year, where is she this year? Our volunteers handle each question with knowledge, grace, and a smile. If you are outgoing, know everything about Fall Fest, or are willing to learn, this could be the place for you!



LOTS of parade help is needed, before and during this annual event with about 100 entries that wind through people-lined streets of our beautiful downtown neighborhood.

0136 2


This group of volunteers manages the Artisan parking lot.  They also assist with parade parking, pre-Fest setup, and post-Fest fencing removal in the Artisan parking lot.


Pre & Post Fest

Help set up and take down signs and fencing before and at the conclusion of Fall Fest. Also help set up and dismantle hay bales and boards used to create seating at Breidert Green Entertainment area.



Authorized volunteers drive the Fall Fest passenger van to transport artisans back and forth from the parking lots and transport volunteers to certain areas of the fest, such as the parade grounds. A clean driving record and Chamber authorization are required. All authorized drivers must provide a copy of their driver’s licenses and proof of insurance.

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