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Member 2 Member Advantage

Introducing Frankfort Chamber Member To Member Advantage – the program designed to expand your business and strengthen your membership.

  • Offer exclusive, members-only perks to fellow chamber businesses
  • Gain added exposure for your business directly via the Member To Member Advantage section of the Frankfort Chamber website
  • Build your customer base and give them a reason to keep coming back
  • Develop meaningful partnerships with other chamber businesses
  • Gain access to exclusive offers and savings just by being a Chamber member.
  • Discover new businesses and services that can help your professional and personal life.
  • Identify yourself as a proud member of an active Chamber business and keep our organization strong

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Member-to-Member Advantage Program?
The Frankfort Chamber of Commerce Member-to-Member Discount Program is designed to give member businesses an opportunity to offer exclusive discounts to their fellow member businesses, such as discounted products and/or services.

Who is eligible to offer a Member-to-Member Advantage?
Any Frankfort Chamber of Commerce member, in good standing.

Who is eligible to receive a Member-to Member Advantage?
Any active member business and their employees are eligible to receive the discounts offered in the program.

How can I verify if a business is a member of Frankfort Chamber of Commerce?
For an up-to-date listing of member businesses, please visit and view the Chamber Membership list online or check the QR code on back of the card.

How do I verify that someone works for a member business?
Anyone requesting your Member-to-Member discount must present a Member-to-Member Discount Card (available at the Chamber Office only).

What is the advantage of participating in the program?
Members gain exposure by advertising their discounted products and services to the Chamber membership. The member-to-member advantage program offers businesses an opportunity to build its customer base and provides no-cost marketing.

What kind of discount should I offer?
Many members offer a percentage off of products and/or services. Examples include: “10% off a specific service” or “special rates for specific services, call business for details”. Discounts are ultimately at the member’s discretion so you must make that decision.

How are Member-to-Member Advantages publicized?
The Chamber promotes its Member-to-Member Discount Program via its Web site, email and/or promotional flyers. Information is updated regularly.

What if I take part in the program, but change my mind?
Members can choose to discontinue their participation in the discount program at any time. The Chamber requires a 30-day written notice in order to update promotional material.

Which businesses take part in the Member-to-Member Advantage program?
For a complete listing of participating businesses, visit the Chamber’s online member-to-member discount list.

When do I use my Member-to-Member Advantage Card?
You can use your Member-to-Member Discount Card when shopping at member businesses that offer member-to member discounts. For a complete listing of discounts check your QR code on the card or the website.

Do I have to use my Member-to-Member Discount Card to be eligible for the discounts?
How many Member-to-Member Advantage Cards can my business request?
Two. If you feel you need more, our Executive Director will be happy to work with you.

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